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NEWBOTTLE? Bavarian forest? Bavaria? How does that fit together?

The Bavarian Forest has always been associated with the unique, centuries-old history of glass. In order to build on the tradition of our ancestors, we have looked for new ways through upcycling to breathe a new life into already existing one-way glass bottles, which cause an enormous amount of waste.

From this love for sustainability arose the idea of ​​producing high-quality, unique decorative products from non-returnable glass bottles. These include individual bowls, dessert plates and clocks made from glass bottles. Newbottle is an absolute heart project for us. After an intensive period of preparation and a lot of passion, the time had come - Newbottle has been online since January 2021.

For Newbottle it was most important to us that the concept of sustainability is found as an integral part of the products and that this characterizes the brand.

In good Bavarian it says: "Handmade in Woid".

Perhaps you are now wondering why the whole thing is actually called Newbottle? As an English name, the term "Newbottle" is the literal translation for "New Bottle". The name is intended to make it clear what the brand stands for, namely to give existing, used disposable glass bottles a new, second life. The topic of sustainability can also be found in our logo: The triangle made of bottles symbolizes the closed cycle, as we use existing bottles.

Environmental protection and sustainability are important to us. We know that we can only achieve great things together. But we want to tackle it! To this end, we have started a series of measures that help us to reduce our carbon footprint and thus make a positive contribution to our future. By using existing disposable glass bottles, we can save energy and resources when creating the bottles. On the other hand, we use natural materials such as hay as filling material for our packaging.

Your NEWBOTTLE team,

Sabrina, Julian & Manuel

NEWBOTTLE Fernsehbeitrag Niederbayern TV

NEWBOTTLE Fernsehbeitrag Niederbayern TV


Our team


Manuel Meindl

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Works as a consultant for a software company in Berlin.


Sabrina Friedl

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Is a doctoral candidate for business informatics at the University of Regensburg.


Julian Bauer

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Works in sales in the field of electric mobility.

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