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  • Are NEWBOTTLE products sustainable?
    During the entire process, an attempt is made to pay attention to both regional partners and resource-saving processes. We are proud that we can use 100% solar energy for the firing process. We also use 100% of the old glass bottles (unlike recycling) and only use half as much energy at a maximum of 800°C.
  • Are NEWBOTTLE products made from beer bottles also sustainable?
    In Germany there is a well-functioning deposit system for beer bottles, which means that a beer bottle can be reused up to 50 times. In order not to take bottles from this cycle, we obtain our beer bottles from local breweries. We receive those bottles that can no longer be used for refilling.
  • Who is behind NEWBOTTLE?
    We are three young friends from the Bavarian Forest with the mission to save old glass bottles and breathe new life into them through upcycling. In real life, we each go about our jobs and sacrifice our weekends for NEWBOTTLE.
  • How did NEWBOTTLE come up with the idea?
    In 2017, Julian and Manuel were in Taiwan for a semester abroad, where they first found upcycled beer bottles in a small handmade store. After a few years and some thoughts on the idea, in January 2021, together with Sabrina, they started to combine this idea with the idea of sustainability.
  • Where can I return products purchased from NEWBOTTLE?
    Sustainability is very important to us. For this reason we hope that you are satisfied with your NEWBOTTLE products and that no return is necessary. However, if something went wrong, you can always reach us at Please include the order number so that we can process the request quickly. After agreement, you can create your return at

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