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Bottle clock "Olivia"

Bottle clock "Olivia"

SKU: WU001

As a small business owner according to Section 19 (1) UStG, no sales tax is charged.

X Melted bottle clock with gold hands and silent clockwork, produced sustainably through upcycling. The NEWBOTTLE clock is a decorative unique item in every apartment!

X The special method of processing through upcycling reduces CO2 emissions and energy, because here new products are created from old glass bottles.

X The melted bottle clock (0.75L) in the color olive green, sustainably produced through upcycling, has the dimensions of approx. Height: 5cm, width: 10cm, length: 31cm and a weight of 460g.

X Note: Only the respective item offered is for sale individually and without decoration. The article shown is an exemplary representation. Glass is a natural product, so there may be minimal differences due to production, which makes each product unique and in turn a natural product.


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