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Personalyzed Bottle max 1,5 liter volume

Personalyzed Bottle max 1,5 liter volume

SKU: PS001

As a small business owner according to Section 19 (1) UStG, no sales tax is charged.

x Do you want a personalized flat plate from your own wine bottle? Then you are exactly right with us! You send us your bottle which you want to have melted individually and specially for you or as a gift. We will then make your personal plate and send it back to you.

x Personalization:
- Send us the wrong person directly to NEWBOTTLE
- Corks: yes / no
- up to 1.5L bottles: plate / bowl

x The special method of processing through upcycling reduces CO2 emissions and energy, because here new products are created from old glass bottles.

x Note: The respective products shown are not for sale. The items shown are only exemplary representations of already personalized bottles, plates / bowls.


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